Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The New Normal in Air Travel: More Fees

We have now seen how creative airlines can be when it comes to concocting fees of all sorts for what used to be free not so long ago.

Every month, passengers are greeted with an ever increasing array of ancillary fees that are generating billions of dollars in revenue for the airlines. The golden goose is here and the milking process is in full swing.

Expect that this trend not just to continue, but to be further "enhanced". From TSA fastlanes to priority boarding and everything in between, passengers should expect to pay a higher percentage of their travel costs for fees that are still difficult to account for.

Taking this to a new horizon, programs are being rolled out so travelers can purchase "memberships" that require annual fees to prepay for a year's worth of certain ancillary services such as extra leg room seating or luggage.

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