Thursday, January 26, 2012

Not Ready For Prime Time

It's January 26, 2012...airlines and travel websites are supposed to comply with new required disclosure about the fares and all mandatory ancillary fees that airlines and travel websites advertise. The Department of Transportation had already postponed implementation of this requirement twice. Airlines continued to complain that the disclosure requirements were too "complicated" and that they needed more time for a variety of reasons. DOT denied the request and stuck with the January 26 deadline. Many airline sites had technical glitches and were not in compliance of the new requirements. Spirit Airlines, always known for it's "innovation", tried to turn the tables on the DOT, saying that the government wanted to "hide" the size of the taxes by lumping that into the total price. How can something so simple be so complicated to some airlines? The DOT simply wants the traveler to be informed of the total price of an airline ticket, inclusive of all mandatory service fees and taxes.